Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day off.

The longer I'm here, the more time I spend on porches. It's morphed into this. In the morning, afternoon, and around meal times, we're sitting on the upper floor porch of Lodge 1. At night, we change to The upper porch of Lodge 6 because it's farther away (so we can be lowder) and there is a hamoch and more seating. Last week a group of guests (the village is at capacity so they've been putting guests in the staff lodges) took over the upper Lodge 1 porch. We took drastic measures to re-claim it (including taking shifts sitting on the porches so they wouldn't take it. yesterday Matt wanted to take a nap so we had him sleep there. We all got him blankets and stuff so he would have incentive to stay there. It worked like a charm, the porch is ours again! We are the porch sitters!! We've decided to call it Central Porch, like in Friends, because that's where we all hang out when we're not sleeping or at work. After the last of my clost friends leave in the next two weeks I'm going to have to hang out on my own porch (Chalet 1). I knitted there today for a little bit while my roommate was playing the harp but it wasn't the same.

It is soo hot and we're understaffed so much that it seems like everyone is kind of on edge. The village is at capactiy and nobody has enough help. Everyone is working over 40 hours. I'm excited for cooler weather, less guests, and less work. That's ok though, I think everyone is kind of embracing the whole "work hard, play hard" modo.

I ran out of allergy medication.

I have to get a polio booster to finish my medical stuff for Peace Corps so I might be home before long. Then again, maybe I'll get it in Wenatchee and save my out days. I only have 3 out days left between now and September.

I woke up today to my alarm clock beeping and people standing outside my door talking about how loud my alarm clock in. I went outside and told them all that I'm a hard sleeper and it takes a lot to wake me up. They were like, "I guess!"

I guess that's all for now.....

I hope you enjoyed the random collection of thoughts in my head!

<3 Amy


  1. I love the random collection of thoughts in your head! I feel like you were born to sit on a porch...that is, during the times when you're sitting anyway. You know what I mean.

    Stay cool, friend! Drink water! (You should be proud...someone recently told me at work that I drink a lot of water...woohoo!) :D

  2. I wish I could come and sit on the porch with you!!!, better than being at work all day.
    Love you,

  3. I wish you could come and sit on porches with me too!!!