Friday, August 14, 2009


So it seems that we've traded our hot weather for cold cold rain. Instead of lounging on porches trying to stay away because it was so warm, my days are now consumed by sitting as close to people as possible while knitting hats for various cold heads. I finally made another hat for myself.

Last night I watched Mulan with Hannah and Ben in chalet 1. It was nice to kind of hang out where I live with the people I live with (plus some others) for a while. I found out that Ben has the entire movie memorized. After the movie I went to bed, where my roommate had just gotten into bed. We stayed up talking until 2:30 in the morning when we cut ourselves off. We talked about how we liked living with each other in when September (and the housing shuffle) come, neither of us intends to move because we like how things are and we like each other. Nice. No one will ever be as cool, however, as my roommates from college (what's up fearsome foursome?!). I've been thinking about my roommates a lot, they're mostly moving tomorrow to the other side of the country :(.

This morning, I got up really early because one of my best friends here at Holden, Dillon, did matins on the summer theme "We Have This Treasure". This is a theme that we've made fun of the entire summer, because it is ridiculous, but have only recently begun to appreciate. He did really well. Now we have all of this time on our hands because it isn't even 9am and we're awake! When all of us walked into the dining hall everyone looked at us and asked, "Why are you guys awake?" Haha.

Today is the last programmed day of Abriendo Caminos. This week has been wonderful! There is a soccor game today, and a fiesta before and after vespers....awesome!

Tomorrow, we're down to 200 people in the village and there will be bagel bar!! Woohoo! I have never had bagel bar, I only know it by reputation.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to get a new staff member, we'll see.


  1. Fiesta! This reminds me of random mexican side dish night, which I was thinking about the other day. I looove a fiesta!

    Yeah, ok, I'll go pack, if you insist :D

  2. You updated your blog, and I didn't even whine about you not updating

  3. Make sure to post about Bagel Bar! Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. BAGEL BAR WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! I was planning to document it but didn't get to because it was sooo good!! Oh man. Soo good. Words can't describe.