Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer time and the living is easy.

I'm going out today! I'm excited to see my family in 6 hours? Fast boat. I've showered, packed, woken up obnoxiously early and am now waiting until 9:00 because that is when Abby and I are meeting for breakfast. I'm just going out, Abby isn't coming back so I let her choose times. It's been a long summer and most of the people (except for Abby) that I have spent my time with this summer have left (mostly in the last week). The crowd at the porch has dwindled to 4 last night, sometimes 2. There are different groups of porch sitters, maybe it is time to consolidate? Hmmm, something to think about.

Last night was the staff summer slideshow. I couldn't get anyone to work in the Snack Bar during the slide show, and the schedule didn't have us opening until 8:30 so I hung a sign on the door and actually attended a post-Vespers event. It was fantastic! All the pictures of people that I miss made my day. A lot of the pictures I didn't even know they existed! when I went back to work the Snack Bar, there was a line and everyone started clapping when Marta, Abby, and I showed up to work. Oh well.

Yesterday afternoon the staff coordinators came and found me at work and asked me if I had a second because they needed to talk to me. Even though I'm the treasure (haha) I was scared I was in trouble. Then Daniel said, "It's good news." Maggie, the Pool Hall Director, left yesterday morning to go back to school which means that there is no one to run the pool hall. I'm getting anther person of Friday who is full time assigned to me and they are just going to put me in charge of the Pool Hall and the Snack Bar! POWER!! Umm....ok, well anyway, I get to decide whether I want Karen, new girl, to be assigned to the Pool Hall downstairs or if I want to split the two jobs between us, or what. I haven't decided what I'm going to do. I think it would be a nice break from the Snack Bar.....then again, the Pool Hall get's pretty boring. Hmmmm. We'll see what I decide. Karen comes Friday and I come back on Saturday so I'll decide while I"m home.

For those of you who are a Dutcher, the slide show started in Easter and Andrew was all over it, Corn rows and all!

I'm excited to talk to people on the phone.....and eat a burrito.

I'll talk to most of you soon!


  1. Andrew had corn rows?

    Snack bar pool hall power!

  2. Don't go mad with power, please! :D