Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today was an eventful day

My camera came already!!! Yes, the one I ordered 2 days ago! Weird. My memory card has yet to come but this one will hold about 10 pictures so I'm ok for now.

This morning I got up early because I volunteered for Narnia ( a bunch of their staff left and they needed help). I told Katy (the area head) that I would help out if I didn't have to wipe a butt or change a diaper, and if someone licked me I would slap them and run away and never help again. She put me with the 7-10 year-olds. I got there and we hung out on the play ground, I make a fort with some boys. After that, we went up to the dining hall to make cookies for coffee break, then we played freeze tag. After freeze tag we went to play some game called German capture the flag. I was chasing a small child when I tripped over another small child, fell, and skinned my knee; it stings a little. Oh well...I also ripped another hole in my jeans when I tripped. After that we played on the playground again, then watched a puppet show, then went to lunch. After lunch I hauled my ice cream shipment with Julie and Reid. Snack bar went well. Here I am.

I documented these things because my camera came but it won't let me upload pictures right now. I'll try later. :)

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  1. Wow, the camera was fast! And the second paragraph of that post just screams AMY and is why I less-than-three you :D