Monday, August 24, 2009

Long time no post I know.

My out was nice. I got to see a movie, get a few shots, order new glasses, eat food, see my family, normal life things.

Saturday I got back in the village.

Yesterday I had a day off.

Today I worked.

When I was out I broke my vegetarianism. I gave it a year and I'm done...I think. We'll see. I haven't had any meat since I've been here (you know, the last three days) so we'll see what happens with that.

Yesterday at Eucharist was pastor Eric's last sermon. Sad. A bunch of people came up for it from Stehekin. Good times, he did a great job.

Today was Joan and Art's last day. We blessed them after the service.

Snack bar went well. There was a fire alarm so I had to delay clean-up a little bit. On the way out one of my scoopers dropped my ipod and itrip. I had to put the itrip back together but they both work. I'm a little bitter though.

Not only is the ice maker broken so I have to carry buckets of ice down to the Snack bar a few times a day but now my dishwasher doesn't clean things so I have to carry loads and loads and loads of dishes between the Snack bar and the dish pit. Needless to say, my arms are tired and I'm sick of malfunctioning machinery.

Last night there was a power outage that lasted over an hour. Evidentlly the fuse box for lodge one melted? No one is really sure why or how. Weird. I think it was the third level slasher.

Porch sitting has sort of been revived after all of the departures. I've found that if I go and sit on a porch, even if I don't live there, people will join and then it's a little porchy party. If you sit there, they will come.

Yesterday during Eucharist I was finishing knitting a red hat for myself. It just so happened that every time it got silent for us to pray I dropped on of my knitting needles and it would sort of bounce around and roll around on the floor so I would have to be causeing a ruccuss trying to find it while everyone was praying. Sheesh. Oh well, the hat is done so now I'm going to start fulfilling some knitting requests from some poeple at home :). If you asked for one, you're getting one. I just need to acquire some yarn. Hmmmmm.

Well, that's enough of an update for now I suppose.

THe next update will be by a guest blogger: Diana, my lovely sister. I'm just warning you what you're in for. Muaha.



  1. the "shots" could be taken two different ways.

    Woo! Hoo! Guest Blogger!

  2. Ooo guest blogger.

    This was a sad post. Breaking vegetarianism. Eric's last sermon. Joan and Art leaving. Machines broken. Dishes dirty. When will the madness stop!

  3. I know, I know. Esme, maybe you should be a guest blogger sometime. It was your idea.

  4. Oooh, can I be a guest blogger sometime?