Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More porch time

Today Julie was back from the there day weekend I gave her (I felt bad about taking so much time off for Stehekin and dock day and the lift and stuff). She enjoyed her time and came back feeling refreshed. Yesterday afternoon was the busiest day I have ever had in the Snack Bar. There is a massive family reunion (they all have matching T-shirts too) in the village right now and their matching T-shirts say, "We're only here for the ice cream. Johnson family reunion" You can imagine how busy that was. About 30 minutes into the shift, right after I started the dishwasher mind you, the power went out. The dishwasher takes 45 minutes so when the power didn't come back on until a half hour before the shift ended, you can imagine how many dishes I had piled up from the rest of the shift. I ran out of cups and large dishes. I also ran out of every kind of pop and a few ice creams but I couldn't replenish them because the power was out and I couldn't see in the basement...also, my flashlight doesn't work. It was fun though, despite the craziness. There was nothing to do so I hung around and talked to some lady from Lake Stevens (I had an aquafest shirt on and she recognizes it). She goes to Holy Cross, we know a lot of the same people.

I've decided that there are too many things to finish on my medical testing for the Peace Corps, so I'll be coming home. I think if I wait the few weeks that it is going to take for me to be able to leave, I'll only have another month and a little before I leave for good so it won't be sooo bad using all my outs in one more go. I only have 3 out days left. I know some people who are going through Lake Stevens, and staying with people there so I'm toying with the idea of hitching a ride with him. On the other hand, that would make me miss some of my really close friends' last day. Hmmm. I'll figure it out. Stupid Polio booster.

This morning I got up (Pancake day!!!) with plenty of time to get to breakfast because I only get up on Tuesdays for pancakes. Then I went back to sleep. I woke up at 8:25, got dressed, and ran to the dining hall for pancakes. I got there 2 minutes afterthe time. They were still putting out pancakes late, so I got one, despite the harassement from a good friend of mine on waitri about what time breakfast ends.

At breakfast I sat with a father and daughter, the daughter had just come back from the national youth gathering in New Orleans. We talked about New Orleans for a while and the state it's in and what kinds of things they did for service projects. I'm interested in knowing more about New Orleans before I attempt to make my trek down there.

Maybe I'll spend this extra time I have (from waking up so early) looking for some kind of program. If you know of any, please let me know emediatly. I want some program that is doing disaster releif down in New Orleans, where I wouldn't have to pay for housing, I could just live there and work. I have some leads but I'm still looking.

Ok, busy day today, it's supposed to be hot again, and every day until Thursday. I'm hoping by some freak occurance people don't want ice cream today, I literally went though half of my shipment yesterday afternoon alone.....we'll see if I run out or if I have to ration again.




  1. "We're only here for the icecream."


  2. I know right? It scared the crap out of me.