Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Off!

Yesterday morning, being my day off and all, I decided to go on a hike to Holden Lake with a bunch of people (8 people). It was a great hike. When we got to the boulder field on the other side of the lake we all wanted to play on it for a while but it was still pretty snow-covered and really cold so we headed down after eating lunch and resting for a little while. On the way down I slipped in some mud and basically sat down in a river. Awesome. Actually, I found it really funny the entire trip down. We got back in just enough time to shower, hang out for a little but, then head to dinner. After dinner I sat around my chalet and read until it was time to go to Eucharist. Lot's of peace sharing at Eucharist. I think I peaced most of the village. After Eucharist there was disco line dancing in the Village Center!!! Allison and I waited around for that until the crowd showed. The crowd didn't show (why it didn't still baffles me). We started. It was just Allison, me, Norm (the guy teaching it) his wife and 2 other random people. After a while people started to become curious about the disco music coming from the VC so they came to check it out, and stayed after a lot of coercing. We learned how to do the Hustle, the Bus Stop, the Bus Walk, The Watergate, the Bump, the twist...I think that's it. It was a lot of fun. At the end of it we were just dancing around and my bare feet (slippery from the dirty floor) slipped out from under me and I fell on my butt. Lots of falling yesterday. It was also hilarious. After that was over a few of us headed over to the dining hall to play cards. We played spoons for a while and showed off some of our mad dancing skills ( the hustle), then played rummy for while. By that time it was around Midnight and we were all exhausted from the hiking and dancing and falling. We went to bed. I walked back to my chalet and there was a party going on. I wasn't going to get to sleep with everyone yelling and laughing and hanging out downstairs so I hung out for a while until someone came down and asked them to be quiet. The venue changed and I went to bed. What a great day off!

This morning I slept in and missed breakfast. I went to the dining hall to grab some toast when I saw Jacki and Jessie. We went and stuck our feet in the jacuzzi for a while. I made what I would later find out was a mistake and laid down for a while while everyone else had their feet in the jacuzzi. Coffee break. After coffee break I checked the kitchen computer for confirmation of my order of ice cream that I ordered Thursday morning...nothing still so I sent another e-mail asking how quickly they could get it here since they didn't receive my last order and I AM GOING TO RUN OUT OF ICE CREAM TODAY! I have 5 three gallon tubs of ice cream left (all chocolate) and I can easily go through them all this afternoon, especially given the fact that we were closed yesterday and 98 people came in! We're hoping for a miracle mystery ice cream delivery today....hmm. I'll keep you updated!

Now for the mistake of laying down outside near a lot of pine needles and leaves and stuff! I was ordering ice cream (on the kitchen computer) when I was playing with my hair. I felt a lump on my scalp. When I went to pull it out it was stuck pretty hard, so I pulled harder and PULLED OUT A TICK!!! I am SOOOOOO grossed out! This is the first tick I've seen, let alone had. I checked the rest of my head and body and I'm clean but I feel so gross! Ewwwwww.....

It's been an interesting morning so far, I'm curious as to how it will pan out. Ok, now I'm going to go and read for a while and try to get over how disgusted I am from finding a small insect burrowed into my scalp.

I hope everyone had a great fathers day and summer solstice!!



  1. Oh ick, ticks are gross!!! Ewww!!

    Also, you fall down a lot, and I've never thought you were cooler than I did when I read about the disco line dancing.

  2. hey that was only two or three falls in a day, that is about average for our family.

  3. True, I do trip a lot but these were literally me falling so that I was sprawled out on the floor on my back or stomach...they were pretty dramatic! I did more disco line dancing last night. Anyone want to learn how to do the hustle??