Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Becoming a Villager

As I'm sure you've noticed, my posts are not as lengthy and more boring. For the last 2 and a half weeks since I've been here I've been in go mode, like normal for Holden. Of course I'm relaxed by the people, the atmosphere, and the wonderful scenery but I am always doing something. The last few days I have taken to sort of slow down and truly ease into Holden as a way of life. The more I'm outside and around, the frecklier my shoulders get. I am taking the number of freckles (in place of a tan) as a sign that I have been here long enough to be in living here mode, as opposed to here for 5 days so I must do everything mode. This is a nice pace. I don't feel guilty and impatient for standing around and talking to a guest or friend for hours on end. I have a lot of time here. I have now done laundry, I'm familiar with most of the staff (long term and short term), I know where to find things and who I need to talk to about different things, I FOUND MY TURNOVER FILE!! I have a handle on when I need to be places. I feel like I belong here now, like this is my village, instead of a guest. It's a nice feeling. I've been on the go with school finishing up, graduation, graduation parties, the week I was home trying to see everyone, unpacking, packing, moving...I feel like I'm finally processing everything and can take some time to relax and hang out with different people but not really do a whole lot.

Ebenezer folks, any requests for ice cream for when you're here?? Let me know. I'm ordering today and them next week and the next week but if you have any requests, let me know.

I'm feeling at home in my chalet, I am officially not moving to Agape. I like my housemates and my roommates...I haven't had to walk back home along the last few days because I tag along with other people I live with so the creepiness is downplayed.

Things are going really well.

I would love to hear from any of you!!



  1. I'm glad you're settling in well! I'll send you an email tomorrow...I've had no time this week. did you get your box?

    Miss you!

  2. Yes, I got the box! Thank you! Allison and I shared them with everyone who was eating dinner with us....we used the rice crispy sushi (amazing) like I use gum.