Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting comfortable

This was my first Saturday I've spent in the Village, during summer, for a long time. Sunday is all a buzz normally with different schedules and services and all, but Saturdays seem pretty leisurely. The day pretty much consisted of hanging out with different groups of people in different areas.

I checked out my room in Chalet 1 (I'm moving tomorrow) and it is nice. I will be facing the road. I'll also have a roommate, which I'm sort of excited about. We're on completely opposite working schedules so that will also be just dandy. She did tell me today though (within 5 minutes of meeting her, finding out that she was going to be my roommate, and finding out that I was going to have a roommate) that she sleepwalks, so we'll see how that goes.

After dinner a ton of us headed out to 10 mile falls. I still have no mail from my family after sending 2 letters now, one of which I sent out today and won't be there for a few days (hint hint). Vespers was in the VC for the first time, the decorations are neat. I'll try to get pictures up sometime. Directly after Vespers, all of the area heads had training. The meeting kind of dragged on for hours (literally) but I suppose all of the information was necessary. It was a culmination of supervising volunteers 101, upcoming meetings, and a rousing game of "Name Your Supervisor". I rocked that game. I didn't have to run snack bar tonight because of the meeting, so the Coffey's were in charge of that.

I just found out also today that guys will be out numbering girls 4 to 3 in Chalet 1. I've never lived anywhere with those sorts of ratios. I'll probably have to get used to it being a little smelly, not because of the ratios but because of the positions everyone holds. I'll be living with the head maverick, cook, head waitri, lawns and gardens person, kitchen staff and one to be determined person. I don't know if these are all semi-smelly "professions" or if Holden just requires you to really get your hands dirty. Either way, after finding out some of the people I'll be living with, and spending some time with them, I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about the change. I'm not looking forward, however, to moving all of my stuff tomorrow after I get back from a hike to Hart Lake with Allison.

OH! I can't believe I forgot that graduation was today! Graduation was wonderful, it came complete with Pomp and Circumstance, something left out of my own graduation... The first speaker was fantastic, I feel like he made of for the horribleness of the speaker at my graduation. Speaking of that speaker (haha), today in Vespers, someone read one of his poems. Interesting. Ok, word on the street is that there is a bon fire, so I guess that's all for tonight.




  1. I don't understand what a "hint" is . . .

  2. Hmmm...maybe ask someone older than you :).

  3. Graduation? Like for the high school kid(s) up there?

  4. Yes. There is a school up here (mostly for children of people on long term staff but there were two boarding students). There was one graduate.

  5. "..word on the street is that there is a bonfire," On the street is right. Since there IS only one! Makes it easy for you to keep up with the happenings that way I suppose.

    I heard the Graduation ceremony was really cool. Much better than the crowds of thousands we are used to here I would think.