Friday, June 12, 2009


The longer I'm here, the more I seem to get into the swing of things. Right now, I'm very comfortable with the people I hang out with and the people I eat with. As for the people I live with, I don't spend much time there because it's creepy so I don't spend that much time with them. That's ok though. It's almost time to do laundry for the first time since I've been here. That means I'm really here for a while. It's beginning to look more and more likely that I will be able to hike in this summer! I am going to submit my request today. Then again, it might be declined since I want to leave during the peak of summer. Paul and Carol Hinderlie just ran through where I am and whisper-yelled "morning" as they ran by. That was interesting.

Ok, what did I do yesterday (most productive day I've had here so far).

I ordered pop! I ordered ice cream! Found malt powder so now we have shakes AND malts! Messed with the pop machine for a while ( I still don't know how to work it completely, there is an open valve somewhere where the CO2 tank hooks up to the machine). I finished my weaving, hung out in the bookstore with Matia. Hung out in the posti-office with Wanda. Stole a straw dispenser. Played a GIANT game of 500 (flyers up with a point system) with a GIANT exercise ball rightfully dubbed "big ball". That was a lot of fun. We're working out the rules to human bowling. I Learned how to cash out the cash box, I set up everything for my stipend (yeah!), had dish team, or was that the day before? Oh well. I'm not sure what else I did but all of that was before 1:30. After we closed, which was late because I stayed open a few minutes for some people who are leaving today, Allison and I hung out on the porch swing for a while being tired, untill Dillon walked by then we started cracking up thinking about how fun the game of big ball was and how funny it was when he got hit in the face with the big ball, then Allison went to bed and I was no longer tired so I hung out in the dining hall with a few people until I was tired enough to not be scared of the walk back to my creepy creepy residence. How do you like my lack of punctuation? This morning I think is going to be pretty leisurely. I'm going to go finish tieing off my weaving (after I finish taking out all the mop cord). I decided that I'm going to make a rag rug after I'm done with this one.

Ok, that's all for now. Let me know what you want pictures of! There's no use dragging my lap top all the way here so I can put one picture up.



  1. how about a picture of you, your room, the snack bar, you in the snack bar, and the giant flesh eating mouse

  2. I second what Diana said. I would also like a pic of you and AP being Holden-y :D I've never been able to tell the difference between shakes and malts...weird.