Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I guess it's not quite summer yet, it's still cold(ish).

Yesterday morning, I started my weaving down in the craft cave. I took a picture to share but I keep forgetting to put it on my computer. I spent a long time in the morning weaving, and in the afternoon, weaving. I took a break to go and wave off the first bus, so did most of the rest of the village. The only problem was, nobody was leaving on it. There was a lot of fake crying and yelling after the empty bus to please don't go. We saw the bus driver a while later when he came up with a big pile of new guests. After a while, I went to go see Pat off, who was leaving today to go home even after my constant nagging her to stay. She reminds me a lot of Mom. At 2:00, the snack bar opened, hardly anyone showed up. Last night though, after Vespers, we had another anonymous donor come and pay for everyones ice cream! It was a different person than the last time. Some man came up to me, handed me a $50 and said, "I want to buy everyone ice cream, let me know if you need more." I told him I thought that would be fine and thank you so much. He came back later after examining the line and gave me another $20. After that, people just kept giving me the money that they wanted to buy their ice cream with saying, "well, add this to it when the pool runs out." Holden Village payed it forward in ice cream last night! What's funny is that the guy who donated the original money sat at the end of the bar watching me tell everyone that the ice cream was free and watching it make everyones day. It was a great night, a lot of fun! I definitely have the best job in the village. After the snack shop closed, we all hung out in the dinning hall and played games.

This morning I sat at a table with a bunch of people I kind of know. We talked about the Peace Corps ( I don't know how it keeps coming up).

In about an hour and 20 minutes I have my first area head meeting. Dish team at 11:30. Staff meeting at 5:45? 6:45? I should check with someone. I'm mostly writing this down so I'll remember. Wow, the power just went out but my computer has a blackout buster so I saved and am just going to keep going. Everything is beeping!

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