Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyone is leaving

I have officially been at Holden one week. I know most staff members in the village and a lot of the guests. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Thursday, people I know and have become close to are leaving the village. This is just the first turnaround since I've been here, I need to get used to it.

Yesterday, after packing, cleaning my room, waiting out the rain, and procrastinating as long as humanly possible, I made the move to chalet 1 (my new home). I enlisted some friends here and we made it in one trip! I am now all moved in...even my toothbrush has a home, which can be tricky moving into a house with 8 other people already living here. I am happy with it because I think it is as close to a commune as I will ever get.

Before dinner I went to read on the arc, when I found out there was a jam session going on between a bunch of Minnesotans. I listened to all the folk music they played for a long time until the dinner bell rang. During the jam session, I overheard the person next to me mention that he and his wife were in the Peace Corps together. Obviously we chatted about that for a long time. When I mentioned that I will be going to Africa all the people around us sort of jumped into the conversation. I didn't get any reading done. In fact, I'm not really getting a lot of reading done because I always end up talking to the people around me (I blame Mom and Dad for that personality trait). I literally sit on the arc for a few hours and just chat and chat and chat with whoever comes along and sits within speaking range of me. I've never been an arc chatter, I guess I am now.

After dinner I went to choir practice (represent choir kids)! The guest musicians are fantastic!! Everyone in the congregation was dancing, which doesn't happen even at Holden. It was the best service I have been to in a looong time. I realized after Eucharist that I never really get into the Holden swing of things until a Eucharist service. I never noticed because we normally come up on Sundays, when I came on a Monday this trip. I've been homesick and mopey and thinking about T.V. and the internet all week. Since last night's service, it hasn't been on my mind. Who knew that was really what put me in the Holden mindset?

Today the snack bar opened in the afternoon for the first time! Woohoo. Our very first customer put a $50 down and when I started to make change for him he told me that it was an anonymous donation, he wanted to pay for the first $50 worth of ice cream! People were very please, and he sat and watched everyone smile for a while when I told other customers that the ice cream was free. It was adorable. The money didn't even last a hour, surprising because we've been really slow after Vespers.

Andrew left today, I don't think he knows but a lot of people were crying as the bus left. I got to (ready for this Diana?) play the drums twice today!!!!! Yes folks, the holden drums. Word is getting around the village that Allison plays djembe so, as her friend, I get to play too! Awesome!

I'm having a great time and I miss you all!!!



Pictures coming soon! I know I promise that a lot, when will you learn that I'm all talk?

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  1. Wow that drum thing came out of nowhere. I am so jealous. I can just imagine you play the drums when andrew left. I am glad you are feeling less homesick.