Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Last night a bunch of us went up to the second level and went star gazing while sitting on top of the buses near the garage. It was nice. This morning, since we were out really late, a bunch of us had pancakes. This afternoon one of the high schoolers in the village was babysitting Aubrey again. He's made it a habit of bringing her in so I can hold her while he's babysitting. It's nice because then I can hand her back when she does something gross. Yesterday at lunch I got a necklace from someone who has been here as a guest. Aubrey played with it for a long time. THIS MORNING PACK LLAMAS CAME THOUGH THE VILLAGE TO WORK ON TRAILS!!!! I got to walk one all the way to the rangers station. This was the best day ever. Tonight they are projecting the sound of music on a massive screen at the top of chalet hill.....I can't find anyone to scoop ice cream but I know the entire village is going to come get ice cream to go watch it but I don't have anyone to scoop!!!! Urrgggg. I'm frustrated. I'm really excited for my new staff member to come. Since Allison left I have to do all the work myself. I've been starting at 11am to carry ice down and laundry and dishes then by the time garbage and recycling and cleaning and everything is done at night I don't get done until 11pm. I take a lunch and dinner break but my work load is a lot more intense now. I think I'm finally starting to be on top of my ice cream ordering. I just need to order 25 tubs (3 gallons each) of ice cream every Thursday and every Monday. Perfect.

Last night was the staff social at the Hinderlies' chalet. Paul made the most amazing chocolate fudge to go along with the ice cream I supplied. Oh man. These past few days have been nice hanging out with different people. The weather is finally warm and sunny again. It's funny to hear people talk about it now being too warm when the last few weeks people were talking about it being too cold! Hmm. This coming Monday I'll have been here 4 weeks. Does it feel like I've been gone that long? No.



  1. I think Diana wants your llama job....

  2. I didn't take any pictures of the llamas..I was too busy making eyes at my llama. My friend Hannah got some of me, I'll try to snag those and put them up. THEY WERE AMAZING!!