Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can't think of a title.

Yesterday morning I got up for breakfast! Pancakes. I hung around, read, chatted..the usual. After coffee break I waved goodbye to the bus. After that I went and collected a bunch of random things I needed for the snack bar (medium gloves, green scrubby, sugar cones). Lunch. Wow, I'm really struggling to remember what I did. I need to start updating at night. Snack bar in the afternoon went well, I had some great scoopers and a lot of people came, which was a nice change. Once 4:00 hit and we were closed I had to strategically sweep and wipe things down to hint that people should hit the road. We had a big crowd for a while, it was great! The more people, the better. The snack bar has become quite the little hang out place for staff, which thrills me to death. No longer am I cut off from the village when I'm at work. A friend of mine was sitting by me while I was at work and was telling me that he and my roommate are brother and sister...small world! He said he found out when I told him to grab my ipod from my room and it was his sisters room too. haha. Oh Holden, never know what to expect.

I think more people who come through the snack bar are more entertained by my itrip that gives me the ability to transmit my ipod through the radio than they are the ice cream. Speaking of radio, the one in the snack bar was someone else so I told them they could take it because there was another one in the cupboard. Turns out the one in t he cupboard doesn't work so I've been carrying my alarm clock back and forth every day. Woohoo.

Last night after work I hung out on the porch of chalet 3 with my roommate and a bunch of people. After that I went to the dining hall to hang out with a bunch of people. After that, I went back to the chalet 3 porch...mostly because a friend of mine who lives in Chalet 1 told me he would walk back with me if I waited, so I did....for an hour. Why are you so creepy chalet 1??

Ok, people are waiting for the computer now!

Don't be strangers!



  1. Indeed, Why so creepy? Anyway, I am laughing at the picture of you in my head of you walking to work each day in your ice cream apron carrying your alarm clock, green scrubbies, and plastic gloves! Speaking of which, I would like you to post a picture of you and AP wearing the matching Holden Scoop aprons, please; preferably in an identifiable Holden-y spot!

  2. I'm glad you have that image because that's basically what I look like today. Those aprons will be in the wash today so we'll take the picture tomorrow! I hope you know how many people thing those are adorable! Everyone is like, "Oh those are amazing! Where did you get them?" I tell them my other mother gave them to me.