Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can't beleive another week has gone by.

Well, it's been a long time since I posted due mostly to lack of internet, so I can't remember what I've been up to, neither can Allison. Sorry. Yesterday I hung out with the roomie for a while before Vespers. She played christmas songs on the harp while I wrote a letter home. While I was at work, my scoopers (the families of my scoopers) brought us all huckleberry pie...HUCKLEBERRY PIE (did you hear that Dad?). After work Allison and I went to the dining hall and played apples to apples and catch phrase with basically the entire staff. We all ate a bunch of chocolate chip cookies that were intended for the minors and junior minors (nobody cared because there is only 1). We stayed there until bed time.

Oh! I remember. The night before last, after work, there was a massive jam session happening on the front porch of my chalet. This is what made me decide that I don't think I want to move, if that would have been an option. I'm starting to really like my house mates...even if there are too many boys and it's always dirty. Our last person moved in so now there are 9 of us: 3 girls and 6 guys.

This morning Allison, Maggie, Hannah, and I went out to Hart lake. It was a gorgeous day (I took pictures that I will post soon, seriously.). We made it back just in time to miss the rain. I took the best shower of my life, then headed to Agape to watch a movie with Matia ("Yes Man"). After the movie, we had dinner. After dinner I went to choir. After choir I met in the VC, where I already was, to figure out communion stuff because I was assisting. Eucharist was fun. Now I'm here. Everyone is going to the jacuzzi but it's still too warm outside for that. Now I'm just hanging out until 10pm when we're all going to play games or something. Maybe I'll crash the minors and junior minors bowling event like the minors and junior minors person told me to. Hmmm.

My days have pretty much been consisting of setting up snack bar stuff, ordering things, reading, and hanging out with various people. That's what I've been up to.