Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is going to be quick because my stomach is a-rumblin

I pretty much spent the morning weaving since I need to have my loom one by today since there are guests who signed up after me.

Ok, I had my first mouse yesterday...I didn't get it myself. Actually, I always make fun of girls in the movies who are standing on chairs and squealing but that was definitely me last night. Luckily, my friend Brandon (who is built like an ox) was downstairs at the Lift. He heard Allison and I screaming and evidently assumed it was a mouse instead of some kind of emergency. He showed up with an wrench in his hand running around the snack bar yelling, "I'M GONNA KILL IT!!" He was LITERALLY throwing all the benches and tables in the snack bar around trying to find this tiny mouse so he could kill it. After a while of not seeing it, he moved a bench again and there was a dead mouse under it (that wasn't there before). It was smushed in the searching process. I tried to get him to dispose of it humanely in it's natural habitat (the woods) but he said no, it came in the snack bar and therefore must be executed. I was a little upset about it. He's here as long as I am so I told him that I would give him 1 free scoop of ice cream for every mouse he disposed of. Ugg. I wish you could have seen him throwing furniture and running around with a wrench looking for the smallest mouse I have ever seen.

For vespers yesterday, the choir sang this neat song. The two musicians are amazing and they studied for a while in Tanzania so everything has these really neat and hearty harmonies that is just a lot of fun to sing.

That's all for now, I'm hungry and I hear they have eggs for breakfast! I promise to post more later.




  1. Poor mouse :-(

    If someone moved into my ecosystem and then killed me, I'd be pretty sad.

  2. Hey at least your little rodent friend had a tasty last meal of icecream.