Friday, June 5, 2009

The Snack Bar Continues

Yesterday morning I had my first garbology duty. I was told that there wasn't very much stuff so it didn't take very long. Here's what happens. You collect all the compost and recyclable materials from the village. Then bring it to the garbo loading dock. Sort the recyclables. Then go up to the second level where all the compost stuff is and mash up the compost stuff...then put it in it's place in the compost area. Spread saw dust on top, then ash on top of that. The ash keeps the smell down and the saw dust absorbs liquid. I stepped in some really raunchy garbo goop while shoveling and now my shoes smell so bad I had to put them on the porch to air out. Yuck. For the rest of the day I pretty much lounged around and relaxed, read by book and hung out with various people.

After vespers (we had them right after dinner at the tables) I ran around with Allison collecting all the things I need to set up for t he Snack bar later that night. Mostly staff volunteered so it was as easy as it could be. That was quite a relief because it was the first day with a lot of people showing up. It went pretty smoothly. After we finished closing and cleaning up, Allison and I headed over to this lady Beth's room to hang out for a while. We met her on the boat up and she was leaving today, she's a pastor on sabbatical.

After Beth's we headed over to the Lift where there was a hipster party. We danced and hung out for a long time. After that ended we soaked our feet in the hot tub then headed to bed.

This morning we said goodbye to Beth and her son Will. I think I'm going to be deep cleaning the snack bar so it doesn't constantly smell like ice cream today. Tonight I have my first area head meeting. There was talk during coffee break about all of the area heads moving into Chalet 12? Weird. Anywho, that's all for now, I have some things to do so that's it. One day I'll drag my laptop over here and put up pictures of foam henge and other things, I promise!!

I miss you all and am always thinking about you! xoxoxoxo



  1. Oh Garbo goo! That just doesn't sound good

  2. Hi from Janice -I pray for your continued success in life and that you will learn the intricacies of Ice Cream!!!- went to the food handlers class last night and passed with 100%! Yipee! sitting at the table with Diana and Courtney and Virginia Dutcher!

  3. "foam henge"?? Must see pictures...

  4. 1. Garbo goo is sooo un-fun!

    2. I am learning the intricacies of ice cream and thank you for the prayers.

    3. Pictures are up.